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  • Kilthorp

    The largest town in the region. It has a nice market district but has a reputation for being rough.

  • Rose Crown

    Once a great city, it now lies in ruins. It was destroyed 200 years ago by the Mage Lord Vlade and his minions. The area contains a sizable ruined castle.

  • Beggar's Hill

    This small poor village of mud huts has a population of about 400 people. In the center of town is the ruins of the temple of [[Ptoshakhar the scared one | Ptoshakhar]] atop a hill. Many beggars who used to be temple priests live on the slopes of the hill …

  • Catrun

    This picturesque town is known for its beautiful gardens, the quality of its sailors and the number of cats living here. The local deity is [[Mitron | Mitron]].

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