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  • Xarthos

    A Mage Lord who lives in [[Babery Keep | Babery Keep]]. He is one of the few mage lords that employ humans. The badge worn by his followers is three yellow eyes on a red background.

  • Misa

    A odd man who lives in [[Tanner's Way | Tanner's Way]]. He is a servant of [[:xarthos | Xarthos]] and is an alchemist. The party has undertaken a couple of missions for him. Misa is from another world.

  • Chef Tainus

    Chef befriended by the party. He lives in [[Kilthorp | Kilthorp]]. He is willing to buy any [[Damis Fruit | Damis Fruit]] the party can supply.

  • Vlade

    Destroyed the city of [[Rose Crown | Rose Crown]] and defeated a human army at the [[Field of Abandon | Field of Abandon]].

  • Venno

    He is a river boat captain based out of [[Kilthorp | Kilthorp]]. The party has befriended him and has done guard work for him.

  • Elrak

    He is a vampire in the service of [[:vlade-1 | Vlade]] the destroyer. He resides in the ruined castle at [[Rose Crown | Rose Crown]].

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