World of Ormr

Lost Memories

The group awakens in a barracks without any memory of how they got there. A blank scroll lies on the floor. A soldier runs in and asks for orders. It is discovered that Xarthos has placed them in charge while he was away on business, and the castle is under attack by mage lord Zordor the terrible. The outer defenses have fallen and they are trapped down in the lowest levels of Xarthos’ lair. Poking around Xarthos’ private rooms it looks like he has indeed left as most of his personal possessions are gone. The group decides to check out the vaults to see if they can find a way out. Cookiebefriends a giant cat-lizard thing that was guarding the vaults and it keeps bringing him “gifts” throughout the adventure such as: dead soldiers, orcs and Zodor’s son Vaanes. The rest of the adventure involved getting the various keys to open the vaults with monsters and traps such as: lava spewing statues, rust monsters, intelligent crystals, chairs of nails and a bridge though the plane of shadow. In the final chamber a book of infinite spells and the Talisman of Two Worlds is found. Using the talisman the group escapes.

Pyramid of Neferhotep

The party gains new allies from Xarthos’ caravan and enters into the pyramid. The heroes become trapped in the first room as it starts to fill with sand. Cookie Stonepots casts dispell magic and stops the room from filling up. Eventually the stone exit door is broken down and everyone moves on.

In another room the party finds a fountain with water frozen in time. At the bottom of the water is much coin and a sword. After much time trying to figure out how to get the sword out of the temporal trap it is decided to leave it to someone more clever than they.

In an embalming room mummies are encountered and they are defeated. In the king’s chamber the group discovers the royal mummy is immersed in water from the well of time. The queen’s tomb has little of value but mummified cats. No treasure is recovered and the group presses on.

In another room an animated statue states that only the dead may pass. Leibniz attempts to convince the guardian that they are in fact dead. The deception fails and the party beats down the stone guardian in one round.

In a hallway a sphinx is encountered. It doesn’t take long before a riddle contest is agreed upon for safe passage. The party guesses all of the sphinx’s riddles right and the sphinx misses one so the sphinx leaves the group in peace.

A room is discovered with a map painted on the floor. The walls of the room tell the story of how their people came to inhabit this land. Ormr, the world serpent, travels from world to world taking a bite out of each and then moving on. Those who survive then find themselves in a strange world inside the serpent’s belly.

In a large chamber a large pool blocks progress. While swimming to the other side, Davian, is attacked by zombie hippos (zippos). The party joins the fight ant the fat monsters are defeated.

Beyond the pool is a chamber with multicolored statues and stone doors. A brazer of elemental fire burns in the center of the room. On the side of the brazer there are instructions of how to open the doors by throwing alchemical ingredients into the fire. Various ingredients are found contained in the statues. The party then starts combining the ingredients in an attempt to open the various doors. After a couple of failed attempts the orange door (knowledge) is opened. A library is discovered beyond the door. It is decided to pour out all the treasure they have accumulated in previous adventures from the bag of holding and fill it back up with scrolls from the library. Then they try to open another of the multicolored doors and they succeed with the purple door (power). In the room beyond is a fancy box arcing with electricity. One of the party rushes up and opens the box and is zapped. Inside is a wooden rod that the party believes is part of the Sorcerers’ Wheel. The magic brazer is destroyed in an explosion after trying to open another door and so ends this delve.

Problems & Pyramids

After leaving the last pyramid, the group decides to press on in order to get a head start on finding the tomb of Neferhotep before the other mage lords do. A nearby ruined temple seems like a nice place to start. Upon approaching the ruins the party is attacked by a manticore. The group takes a number of hits before the creature dies from combat. Inside the temple the party discovers a list of kings of the people who built this place.

The party decides to camp for a day to recover from the inevitable injuries from adventuring. The next day brings more trouble in the form of hobgoblins and their ogre allies. The group spots them at a distance using the eyes of the eagle and decides to keep them at a distance by moving on. Traveling past several pyramids, and matching up the names upon them, the group discovers that the pyramids are laid out in order according to the list of kings.

Time is spent avoiding entanglements with servants of various mage lords. They were warded off by a group of blue skinned humanoids, the party moves quickly to stay ahead of the hobgoblins, and wisely evades a mage lord on a nightmare blasting a pyramid open. However an invisible stalker catches up with them and steals the tablet that told the group to look for the tomb of Neferhotep. Fortunately the party had the foresight to alter the tablet to throw off anyone attempting to use it.

The party finally arrives at a pyramid they believe to be the right one. The block of stone has been removed from the entrance. The stone has large claw marks all over it. As the group gets ready to enter, a blue dragon emerges. Spells are readied and swords drawn but the dragon is faster and unleashes its breath of lightning. Dargo who was closest to the dragon dies instantly as well as Eluned who was invisible at the time. The dragon is then bombarded by swords and offensive spells until it perishes a short time later. Inside the pyramid it is discovered that this is the tomb of Neferhotep II and that the pyramid they are looking for must be the next one over. An unbelievable amount of wealth is piled up inside and only a small about of it can be placed in their bag of holding before it is full. Inside one chest they find a baby dragon napping. Cookie Stonepots immediately starts beating it down before it can attack but the dragon manages to get in a few claw attacks before perishing. The group leaves the treasure hoard behind as a distraction for the seekers of the sorcerers’ wheel and moves on to the pyramid they have been searching for just as reinforcements arrive from Xarthos in the form of a desert caravan.

Cliff’s addition: It should be pointed out that Cookie cast the Augury spell by which he was granted the advise that it would be a good idea to proceed into the Pyramid a.k.a. Dragon’s lair. Cookie is now have a crisis of faith because each time he does what his Gods want him to do the Party gets a beat down and in this case lost 2 of its members.

Tomb of Harkhof

The party enters the pyramid in search of a piece of the sorcerer’s wheel as directed by mage lord Xarthos. In the first room they are confronted by two portals: one shaped like a demon head with an open mouth and the other one a simple archway. They decide to probe the archway and their 10ft. pole teleports away. Realizing it must be a trap they pass through the demon portal and are hit with the spell “symbol of pain”.

In the next room two armies of toy soldiers are set up. The party runs through the room as fast as possible. The armies come alive and start to attack the group. Naturally, Leibniz fireballs the toy soldiers and takes them all out.

Having penetrated the tomb’s main defenses, the group splits up to poke around some nearby rooms. They find a board game playing golem, a library, conoptic jar storage room and the king’s sarcophagus. While investigating the library, Leibniz discovers a clay tablet that details the construction of the tomb of a previous king (Neferhotep) and the installation of a powerful artifact into it. After reading the tablet the magic user is attacked by an invisible stalker which tries to make off with the tablet. The creature is defeated and the tablet is recovered.

The party moves into a chamber with a large pool. In the pool is a boat. On the far side of the room is a hole in the wall that can only be accessed by boat. The party piles in the boat and heads for the far exit. The party is attacked by several mummified crocodiles. All but one of the crocodiles are defeated as the party escapes by boat.

The last room of the tomb complex is the treasure chamber. In it is a trunk with a cat lying on top. The cat turns out to be a guardian familiar and a great battle begins. Each time the cat is slain an even bigger cat takes its place. During the fight the chest is opened and Leibniz makes off with a bag of holding full of loot. The party decides to withdraw since they are getting beat up. They flee the treasure chamber and jump back into the boat. The guardian, now as big as a sabertooth cat, jumps in with them. The adventurers retreat back into the pool room. The fight continues with the guardian familiar and the lone mummified crocodile also joins in. The party is nearly defeated but they triumph in the end.

After poking around some unexplored areas the party leaves the tomb glad to still be alive.

Xarthos' Quest

The party wanders into the desert to search for Babery Keep were Xarthos is said to live. During the night, Eluned spots a lone wolf in the wilderness and follows it. Once out of sight of the camp the wolf speaks. The elf is warned about the quest for magical power for it will lead to ruin. Eluned ignores the warning and continues on discovering the castle that was concealed by an illusion. After a run in with the castle guards, Eluned retrieves the rest of the party. Eventually the party is allowed to enter. The castle is inhabited by desert people and an oasis lies within the castle’s walls. In the morning the group arranges a meeting with the keep’s lord (Xarthos). In his great hall, Xarthos sits on a throne atop a great pillar with no visible means to reach the top. Using a letter of introduction given to them by Misa, the party agrees to work for Xarthos and swears allegiance to him. The mage lord commands the group to head out to some mysterious pyramids in the desert to see if a piece of the Sorcerers’ Wheel is located there. The party heads out with a guide knowledgeable with the place. While out in the desert the party is attacked by 2 bulettes. In the battle the guide and the parties beast of burden (Steve) is killed. A day later the party encounters a number of giant scorpions and easily defeats the creatures. Finally the party reaches the pyramids and notices that some of them have been broken into.

Witch Light Bog

While in Catrun, the party buys a map and makes future plans. It is decided to do something about the hobgoblins that recently attacked the town. The group cooks up a plan to convince the lizard men of Witch Light Bog to fight the hobgoblins and gain the favor of the townsfolk. Canoes are purchased and the expedition heads into the marsh. The party encounters gnolls and giant spiders. After 2 days the party finally finds the lizard men, unfortunately they don’t agree with the plan. The two sides part peacefully. Abandoning the plan the group heads back to Kilthorp to retrieve their pack animal (Steve). Steve does not like Eluned and keeps a close watch on him. Then the group decides to seek out Xarthos. The group catches a ferry and travels up river to Beggar’s Hill. The group consults with the wise men. Eluned is told to seek out a wolf wandering in the night. The adventures then head out into the desert to find Xarthos in his lair at Babery Keep somewhere in the Desolation of Ningila.

Beggars and Bogs

Using the Talisman of Two Worlds the party reenters the world of Ormr. They arrive near the town of Beggar’s Hill. The group decides to enter town and see the local sights. A religious ceremony is taking place, a manhood coming of age test involving birds of prey. After the ceremony is over the party seeks out the holy men who are living as beggars. They take a tour of the ruins of temple of Ptoshakhar the scared one and learn of the history of the place. The temple was destroyed 7 years ago by Xarthos to gain a holy relic for himself. A group of river pirates enter the town and start causing trouble. Naturally the the party intervenes in the usual violent fashion and fixes the situation. The party takes the pirate’s boat and leaves town.

Down river near Witch Light Bog the boat is attacked by an 11 headed hydra. Through the use of large amounts of flaming oil and good old fashioned swordplay the beast is defeated. But during the battle a hireling was killed and the boat took considerable damage. The boat barely makes it into shallow water before coming to rest on the bottom of the river. The party spends several hours in the swamp fashioning a crude raft while a small group of lizardmen watch from a distance. A fair amount of the party’s gear is ruined by immersion in the swampy water including scrolls and spell books. Having built a raft the party sets out again.

The party arrives in a town ( Catrun), and goes straight to the inn (The Catrun Inn). They stay a night, and awake to replenish their soaked supplies.
Some random guy arrives at the inn in quite a rush states there was a hobgoblin attack about to ensue, containing roughly 300 Hobgoblins. The party awaits the response of the rallying villagers preparing for war. Eluned and Cookie prepare for battle by painting whiskers with ink onto their faces. The group joins the town militia, led by Unwick, who has a tattoo in a strange place, and marches to the town outskirts.
The battle begins.
The Hobgoblins charge out of the woods on horseback and are prepared for cavalry battle. There are currently no Hobgoblins on foot to be seen. They are attempting to avoid battle, and are charging straight for the town. The local guard is the only group on horseback able to chase down the Hobgoblins.
The militia charges to town and splits up To deal with the raid. The group remains with Unwick to battle together. The fires set in town grow stronger and stronger by the minute. During the battle Hobgoblins were both successful in looting, as well as weakened in numbers. Multiple buildings were set aflame, and the orphanage was raided, leaving no survivors. The whore house was thankfully unharmed, as well as its occupants.

To the Field of Abandon and back

The party set up camp in the ruins of Rose Crown. During the night the group is visited by Elrak who invites them to his castle. Once there he traps the party in the castle’s courtyard and attacks along with his wolf pets. During the battle Davion is level drained by the vampire. The group manages to kill all the wolves and drives off the vampire. The party then takes off running into the night pursued for a time by Elrak and his minions.

Next the party travels to the Field of Abandon. The party decides to split with Azog the half orc traveling in alone while the rest of the party stays outside the battlefield in safety. Azog moves deep into the old battle site and decides to loot a rich looking fallen officer. An angry ghost rises up and starts attacking. Azog fights bravely but ages 70 years during the fight and dies of old age. The rest of the party eventually enters the field and recovers a box of dirt for Misa as they had been hired to do. The body of Azog and his gear is left on the field out of fear of the terrible curse on this place.

The group gets the prized dirt back to Misa, gets paid and receives a letter of introduction to Xarthos. Then the party escorts Venno back to Kilthorp. It was then decided to return home via the Talisman of Two Worlds to report what they have seen.

A new world
Into the serpent's belly

Using the Talisman of Two Worlds, the party finds itself in a strange new world. They walk into the town of Kilthorp and sell some trade goods for cash. At a local inn they befriend Chef Tainus. The party takes on a job to deliver a sealed box to Misa in the village of Tanner’s Way. The group accompanies some merchants heading that way. Along the way some Gnoll pirates attempt to intercept the trade ship but are unable to catch up. After the merchants land at their destination, the party meets up with Misa and deliver the box. The strange man then sends the group on a quest to acquire dirt from the Field of Abandon for 800 gold. The party agrees and heads off. Along the way there is an attack by giant spiders. The session ends with the party setting up camp in the ruins of Rose Crown.


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