Dargo DarkBow

Brown hair ,Blue eyes,3 foot 6 inches 65 pounds 25 years old


Halfing 6lv hp 29 ac -2 armour Plate mail + Shield 2 Strength 12 Dexterity 16 (2) Constitution 14 (1) Intelligence 13 (1) Wisdom 9 Charisma 11 Abilities 90% hide in wilderness,1-2 in a labyrinth must be silent and motionless,1 to initiative went alone or in a party of all halfings,1 to all missile attacks,-2 to be hit by larger then man-sized creatures. Languages Halfing,Elvish,Common Alignment Lawful Saving Throws Breath Attacks 10 Poison or Death 6 Petrify or Paralyze 8 Wands 7 Spells or Spell-like Devices 10 To Hit Rolls (0) 15 (1) 14 (2) 13 (3) 12 (4) 11 (5) 10 (6) 9 (7) 8 (8) 7 (9) 6 Magic items Sword+3,Shield+2,Axe of Ragor +1(hand axe),Ring of Animal Control,Sling +1, Potion of Giant Strength,Ring of Continual Light,Two dose of Dust of Appearance


Went his shire of Golden Hill was destroyed by orc raiders Dargo and the few other survivors flew into the woods .There they were found by a tribe of elves who took them in after a few months the elves together with Dargo and some other of his people tracked down the orc raiders and wiped them out.After sometime the elves helped Dargo and his people find a new home with another community of halfings.After awhile Dargo set out on his own to seek fame and fortune after some adventures he joined the group that would become the Order of Impossible Deeds were formed a friendship with a young warrior named Pawn fortunely he died of a spider bite.With their guild the is spending they time between traveling between their world and Ormr with a magical amulet they took from the local thieves guild who want it back.

Dargo DarkBow

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