World of Ormr

Xarthos' Quest

The party wanders into the desert to search for Babery Keep were Xarthos is said to live. During the night, Eluned spots a lone wolf in the wilderness and follows it. Once out of sight of the camp the wolf speaks. The elf is warned about the quest for magical power for it will lead to ruin. Eluned ignores the warning and continues on discovering the castle that was concealed by an illusion. After a run in with the castle guards, Eluned retrieves the rest of the party. Eventually the party is allowed to enter. The castle is inhabited by desert people and an oasis lies within the castle’s walls. In the morning the group arranges a meeting with the keep’s lord (Xarthos). In his great hall, Xarthos sits on a throne atop a great pillar with no visible means to reach the top. Using a letter of introduction given to them by Misa, the party agrees to work for Xarthos and swears allegiance to him. The mage lord commands the group to head out to some mysterious pyramids in the desert to see if a piece of the Sorcerers’ Wheel is located there. The party heads out with a guide knowledgeable with the place. While out in the desert the party is attacked by 2 bulettes. In the battle the guide and the parties beast of burden (Steve) is killed. A day later the party encounters a number of giant scorpions and easily defeats the creatures. Finally the party reaches the pyramids and notices that some of them have been broken into.



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