World of Ormr

Witch Light Bog

While in Catrun, the party buys a map and makes future plans. It is decided to do something about the hobgoblins that recently attacked the town. The group cooks up a plan to convince the lizard men of Witch Light Bog to fight the hobgoblins and gain the favor of the townsfolk. Canoes are purchased and the expedition heads into the marsh. The party encounters gnolls and giant spiders. After 2 days the party finally finds the lizard men, unfortunately they don’t agree with the plan. The two sides part peacefully. Abandoning the plan the group heads back to Kilthorp to retrieve their pack animal (Steve). Steve does not like Eluned and keeps a close watch on him. Then the group decides to seek out Xarthos. The group catches a ferry and travels up river to Beggar’s Hill. The group consults with the wise men. Eluned is told to seek out a wolf wandering in the night. The adventures then head out into the desert to find Xarthos in his lair at Babery Keep somewhere in the Desolation of Ningila.



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