World of Ormr

A new world

Into the serpent's belly

Using the Talisman of Two Worlds, the party finds itself in a strange new world. They walk into the town of Kilthorp and sell some trade goods for cash. At a local inn they befriend Chef Tainus. The party takes on a job to deliver a sealed box to Misa in the village of Tanner’s Way. The group accompanies some merchants heading that way. Along the way some Gnoll pirates attempt to intercept the trade ship but are unable to catch up. After the merchants land at their destination, the party meets up with Misa and deliver the box. The strange man then sends the group on a quest to acquire dirt from the Field of Abandon for 800 gold. The party agrees and heads off. Along the way there is an attack by giant spiders. The session ends with the party setting up camp in the ruins of Rose Crown.



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