World of Ormr

Tomb of Harkhof

The party enters the pyramid in search of a piece of the sorcerer’s wheel as directed by mage lord Xarthos. In the first room they are confronted by two portals: one shaped like a demon head with an open mouth and the other one a simple archway. They decide to probe the archway and their 10ft. pole teleports away. Realizing it must be a trap they pass through the demon portal and are hit with the spell “symbol of pain”.

In the next room two armies of toy soldiers are set up. The party runs through the room as fast as possible. The armies come alive and start to attack the group. Naturally, Leibniz fireballs the toy soldiers and takes them all out.

Having penetrated the tomb’s main defenses, the group splits up to poke around some nearby rooms. They find a board game playing golem, a library, conoptic jar storage room and the king’s sarcophagus. While investigating the library, Leibniz discovers a clay tablet that details the construction of the tomb of a previous king (Neferhotep) and the installation of a powerful artifact into it. After reading the tablet the magic user is attacked by an invisible stalker which tries to make off with the tablet. The creature is defeated and the tablet is recovered.

The party moves into a chamber with a large pool. In the pool is a boat. On the far side of the room is a hole in the wall that can only be accessed by boat. The party piles in the boat and heads for the far exit. The party is attacked by several mummified crocodiles. All but one of the crocodiles are defeated as the party escapes by boat.

The last room of the tomb complex is the treasure chamber. In it is a trunk with a cat lying on top. The cat turns out to be a guardian familiar and a great battle begins. Each time the cat is slain an even bigger cat takes its place. During the fight the chest is opened and Leibniz makes off with a bag of holding full of loot. The party decides to withdraw since they are getting beat up. They flee the treasure chamber and jump back into the boat. The guardian, now as big as a sabertooth cat, jumps in with them. The adventurers retreat back into the pool room. The fight continues with the guardian familiar and the lone mummified crocodile also joins in. The party is nearly defeated but they triumph in the end.

After poking around some unexplored areas the party leaves the tomb glad to still be alive.



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