World of Ormr

To the Field of Abandon and back

The party set up camp in the ruins of Rose Crown. During the night the group is visited by Elrak who invites them to his castle. Once there he traps the party in the castle’s courtyard and attacks along with his wolf pets. During the battle Davion is level drained by the vampire. The group manages to kill all the wolves and drives off the vampire. The party then takes off running into the night pursued for a time by Elrak and his minions.

Next the party travels to the Field of Abandon. The party decides to split with Azog the half orc traveling in alone while the rest of the party stays outside the battlefield in safety. Azog moves deep into the old battle site and decides to loot a rich looking fallen officer. An angry ghost rises up and starts attacking. Azog fights bravely but ages 70 years during the fight and dies of old age. The rest of the party eventually enters the field and recovers a box of dirt for Misa as they had been hired to do. The body of Azog and his gear is left on the field out of fear of the terrible curse on this place.

The group gets the prized dirt back to Misa, gets paid and receives a letter of introduction to Xarthos. Then the party escorts Venno back to Kilthorp. It was then decided to return home via the Talisman of Two Worlds to report what they have seen.


Well we survived all but AZOG Logan your going to pass Cliff in dead characters at this rate.

To the Field of Abandon and back

Yeah it sucks about Azog and Davion but we will continue the fight.

To the Field of Abandon and back

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