World of Ormr

Pyramid of Neferhotep

The party gains new allies from Xarthos’ caravan and enters into the pyramid. The heroes become trapped in the first room as it starts to fill with sand. Cookie Stonepots casts dispell magic and stops the room from filling up. Eventually the stone exit door is broken down and everyone moves on.

In another room the party finds a fountain with water frozen in time. At the bottom of the water is much coin and a sword. After much time trying to figure out how to get the sword out of the temporal trap it is decided to leave it to someone more clever than they.

In an embalming room mummies are encountered and they are defeated. In the king’s chamber the group discovers the royal mummy is immersed in water from the well of time. The queen’s tomb has little of value but mummified cats. No treasure is recovered and the group presses on.

In another room an animated statue states that only the dead may pass. Leibniz attempts to convince the guardian that they are in fact dead. The deception fails and the party beats down the stone guardian in one round.

In a hallway a sphinx is encountered. It doesn’t take long before a riddle contest is agreed upon for safe passage. The party guesses all of the sphinx’s riddles right and the sphinx misses one so the sphinx leaves the group in peace.

A room is discovered with a map painted on the floor. The walls of the room tell the story of how their people came to inhabit this land. Ormr, the world serpent, travels from world to world taking a bite out of each and then moving on. Those who survive then find themselves in a strange world inside the serpent’s belly.

In a large chamber a large pool blocks progress. While swimming to the other side, Davian, is attacked by zombie hippos (zippos). The party joins the fight ant the fat monsters are defeated.

Beyond the pool is a chamber with multicolored statues and stone doors. A brazer of elemental fire burns in the center of the room. On the side of the brazer there are instructions of how to open the doors by throwing alchemical ingredients into the fire. Various ingredients are found contained in the statues. The party then starts combining the ingredients in an attempt to open the various doors. After a couple of failed attempts the orange door (knowledge) is opened. A library is discovered beyond the door. It is decided to pour out all the treasure they have accumulated in previous adventures from the bag of holding and fill it back up with scrolls from the library. Then they try to open another of the multicolored doors and they succeed with the purple door (power). In the room beyond is a fancy box arcing with electricity. One of the party rushes up and opens the box and is zapped. Inside is a wooden rod that the party believes is part of the Sorcerers’ Wheel. The magic brazer is destroyed in an explosion after trying to open another door and so ends this delve.



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