World of Ormr

Problems & Pyramids

After leaving the last pyramid, the group decides to press on in order to get a head start on finding the tomb of Neferhotep before the other mage lords do. A nearby ruined temple seems like a nice place to start. Upon approaching the ruins the party is attacked by a manticore. The group takes a number of hits before the creature dies from combat. Inside the temple the party discovers a list of kings of the people who built this place.

The party decides to camp for a day to recover from the inevitable injuries from adventuring. The next day brings more trouble in the form of hobgoblins and their ogre allies. The group spots them at a distance using the eyes of the eagle and decides to keep them at a distance by moving on. Traveling past several pyramids, and matching up the names upon them, the group discovers that the pyramids are laid out in order according to the list of kings.

Time is spent avoiding entanglements with servants of various mage lords. They were warded off by a group of blue skinned humanoids, the party moves quickly to stay ahead of the hobgoblins, and wisely evades a mage lord on a nightmare blasting a pyramid open. However an invisible stalker catches up with them and steals the tablet that told the group to look for the tomb of Neferhotep. Fortunately the party had the foresight to alter the tablet to throw off anyone attempting to use it.

The party finally arrives at a pyramid they believe to be the right one. The block of stone has been removed from the entrance. The stone has large claw marks all over it. As the group gets ready to enter, a blue dragon emerges. Spells are readied and swords drawn but the dragon is faster and unleashes its breath of lightning. Dargo who was closest to the dragon dies instantly as well as Eluned who was invisible at the time. The dragon is then bombarded by swords and offensive spells until it perishes a short time later. Inside the pyramid it is discovered that this is the tomb of Neferhotep II and that the pyramid they are looking for must be the next one over. An unbelievable amount of wealth is piled up inside and only a small about of it can be placed in their bag of holding before it is full. Inside one chest they find a baby dragon napping. Cookie Stonepots immediately starts beating it down before it can attack but the dragon manages to get in a few claw attacks before perishing. The group leaves the treasure hoard behind as a distraction for the seekers of the sorcerers’ wheel and moves on to the pyramid they have been searching for just as reinforcements arrive from Xarthos in the form of a desert caravan.

Cliff’s addition: It should be pointed out that Cookie cast the Augury spell by which he was granted the advise that it would be a good idea to proceed into the Pyramid a.k.a. Dragon’s lair. Cookie is now have a crisis of faith because each time he does what his Gods want him to do the Party gets a beat down and in this case lost 2 of its members.



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