World of Ormr

Lost Memories

The group awakens in a barracks without any memory of how they got there. A blank scroll lies on the floor. A soldier runs in and asks for orders. It is discovered that Xarthos has placed them in charge while he was away on business, and the castle is under attack by mage lord Zordor the terrible. The outer defenses have fallen and they are trapped down in the lowest levels of Xarthos’ lair. Poking around Xarthos’ private rooms it looks like he has indeed left as most of his personal possessions are gone. The group decides to check out the vaults to see if they can find a way out. Cookiebefriends a giant cat-lizard thing that was guarding the vaults and it keeps bringing him “gifts” throughout the adventure such as: dead soldiers, orcs and Zodor’s son Vaanes. The rest of the adventure involved getting the various keys to open the vaults with monsters and traps such as: lava spewing statues, rust monsters, intelligent crystals, chairs of nails and a bridge though the plane of shadow. In the final chamber a book of infinite spells and the Talisman of Two Worlds is found. Using the talisman the group escapes.



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