World of Ormr

Beggars and Bogs

Using the Talisman of Two Worlds the party reenters the world of Ormr. They arrive near the town of Beggar’s Hill. The group decides to enter town and see the local sights. A religious ceremony is taking place, a manhood coming of age test involving birds of prey. After the ceremony is over the party seeks out the holy men who are living as beggars. They take a tour of the ruins of temple of Ptoshakhar the scared one and learn of the history of the place. The temple was destroyed 7 years ago by Xarthos to gain a holy relic for himself. A group of river pirates enter the town and start causing trouble. Naturally the the party intervenes in the usual violent fashion and fixes the situation. The party takes the pirate’s boat and leaves town.

Down river near Witch Light Bog the boat is attacked by an 11 headed hydra. Through the use of large amounts of flaming oil and good old fashioned swordplay the beast is defeated. But during the battle a hireling was killed and the boat took considerable damage. The boat barely makes it into shallow water before coming to rest on the bottom of the river. The party spends several hours in the swamp fashioning a crude raft while a small group of lizardmen watch from a distance. A fair amount of the party’s gear is ruined by immersion in the swampy water including scrolls and spell books. Having built a raft the party sets out again.

The party arrives in a town ( Catrun), and goes straight to the inn (The Catrun Inn). They stay a night, and awake to replenish their soaked supplies.
Some random guy arrives at the inn in quite a rush states there was a hobgoblin attack about to ensue, containing roughly 300 Hobgoblins. The party awaits the response of the rallying villagers preparing for war. Eluned and Cookie prepare for battle by painting whiskers with ink onto their faces. The group joins the town militia, led by Unwick, who has a tattoo in a strange place, and marches to the town outskirts.
The battle begins.
The Hobgoblins charge out of the woods on horseback and are prepared for cavalry battle. There are currently no Hobgoblins on foot to be seen. They are attempting to avoid battle, and are charging straight for the town. The local guard is the only group on horseback able to chase down the Hobgoblins.
The militia charges to town and splits up To deal with the raid. The group remains with Unwick to battle together. The fires set in town grow stronger and stronger by the minute. During the battle Hobgoblins were both successful in looting, as well as weakened in numbers. Multiple buildings were set aflame, and the orphanage was raided, leaving no survivors. The whore house was thankfully unharmed, as well as its occupants.



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